This is K-drama Bliss

For fans of K-dramas, the release of a much anticipated drama is akin to opening presents on Christmas morning.  It is the sort of thrill that infiltrates one's body and ceases only when the opening credits have rolled in and the image of a beloved actor has, at last, quelled the suffering.  This is, in a nutshell, K-drama fandom.  For the lucky ones, this development is recurrent - in some instances, several times a year - but for many it comes, at the most, once or twice.  This is due to the adoration of a particular actor, who is, customarily, cast in one drama a year.  For this fan, the pleasure is magnified, since it is relished just a little bit more.

What if, however, one's adoration extends to not one but two actors, whose new dramas are due to premiere a day apart?  What sort of pleasure does one expect, I wonder, as it is a thing one only sees in his dreams, for it is beyond compare.  It is unrivaled in a K-drama fan's cosmos.  It is a mythos, recited by the Greeks to their progeny.  To put it simply, it is as rare as a white peacock sighting.

With that said, this rare occasion is now officially a reality - or as I like to call it, K-drama bliss - for this weekend, Netflix will bring to us the newest dramas starring two of the most popular (and my favorite) actors today: Jung Hae-in and Kim Seon-ho.  

Jung's much-anticipated military drama, D.P. - all six episodes, in fact - will be made available today to stream, while the first two episodes of Kim's romantic comedy, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha will premiere tomorrow and Sunday.  After that, two episodes will be made available every weekend until the finale on October 17.  On our part, we will be posting weekly reviews of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha as it airs every week, so be sure to check in for our thoughts after every episode.  With regard to D.P., we will be posting a full review in the near future.

So there you have it, folks.  I hope your friends and family aren't expecting you, this weekend, for dinner or a wedding, perhaps, because I imagine you are otherwise engaged.  As am I.  I've already informed those closest to me that, this weekend, I will spend it with Jung Hae-in and Kim Seon-ho, though, I assume based on their response, they think I'm hosting two friends visiting from Korea.  How I wish!


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